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A long-strand fibrous stainless steel to various specifications, including AISI/434/DNI.4113, which is capable of withstanding very severe thermal shock and vibration. The material is resistant to corrosion, and exhibits good thermal soak and acoustic properties. Suitable for use in many types of very hot dynamic silencing applications.

The fibre is especially applicable in automotive and commercial vehicle exhaust silencers with high gas flow-rates, where the material can be used to retain and protect other fibrous materials from thermal shock and gas stream induced erosion.



Bulk Stainless Steel Rolls
A long-strand fibrous stainless steel fibre AISI 434/DIN 1.4113 grade in rolls of 5-6kgs and 10mm width.


Pre-formed, pre-weighed silencer inserts wrapped in domestic grade cling film for ease of handling.


Stainless Steel Fibre used in-conjuction with other fibres as a protective liner.


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